Inspired Solutions has been helping to develop the skills sets of Omani small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs since its founding in 2011. We have now worked with almost 150 Omani small business owners to help them succeed and become sustainable. We’ve picked up a few “lessons learned” along the way, over these many years.
♥ We know that all successful entrepreneurs share some common traits.
♥ And we here at Inspired Solutions believe that one of the most important traits is


♥ Successful entrepreneurs are in touch with their “creative within”.
♥ All of us have this creativity within us, we just need to find it and connect.
♥ Connect. To our Creative Within.
♥ One way to connect is through the use of meditation.
♥ And one meditation technique is to use a mantra or chant. And the most common chant is OM

And our domain is Inspired.OM
Get it?

♥ As our tag line states, “Let us Inspire You”
♥ We want to inspire you. We want you to connect with your creative within. We want you to meditate.
♥ Meditate on connecting to our creative within. Meditate on our businesses.
♥ Meditate on bringing our creative within to our businesses. From the inside to the outside.