Inspired Solutions: An Award-winning SME Consultancy

About Us

Inspired Solutions was incorporated in the Sultanate of Oman in early 2012, the head office is in Muscat, Oman. The company is incorporated under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the countries of Oman and the United States.

Inspired Solutions is an award-winning and comprehensive SME Consultancy providing world class business advisory services to the following types of clients:

  • Commercial Banks: Our business advisory services are sought out by banks which have or are planning to create an SME division.
  • Large Corporations: Large corporations with social development missions engage Inspired Solutions to create SME and Entrepreneur development projects which are compliant with their CSR (community, social responsibility) strategies.
  • Investment Funds: Inspired Solutions’ SME expertise is readily applicable to the design and management of investment funds which actively seek out, finance, and advise small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Other Consulting Groups: Inspired Solutions is routinely sought out and engaged as a sub-contractor by other consulting groups to provide highly focused and specific advisory on discrete components of larger projects.
  • Various Clients: From time to time Inspired Solutions provides boutique consulting and is engaged to provide one off services in the related fields of financial and investment advisory such as:
    • Due diligence of local companies as part of a proposed joint venture
    • Greenfield business formation for foreign shareholders
    • Business process re-engineerings (BPRs)
    • Capital advisory for the raising of debt and equity investment for local companies